Alex Diehl


As a native of Tampa, Florida, Alex was active in athletics from a young age and achieved a Second Degree Black Belt after six years of intensive Tae Kwon Do and Mixed Martial Arts training. He began rock climbing in his early teens and, through many climbing trips to the southeast, discovered his love for Chattanooga.  After  three years living and working overseas  Alex returned to the southeast to pursue rock climbing full time.  After a year long period climbing  in the  Red River Gorge, Kentucky,  he returned to Chattanooga to settle down.


Alex initially came across MAT because of his desire to break the performance plateau he hit in his climbing and to find a reason for the chronic muscle pain in his back that had plagued him for years. The work with MAT was so powerfully effective that he knew he wanted to learn this technology to help others benefit in the same way.


For the past year, Alex has been studying and training in this highly specialized modality. He earned his RTS Personal Training and MAT Jumpstart Certification. During his first courses he was so inspired by the education and the expertise of the instructors that he took a two month internship program in Chicago at Precision Human Performance, one of the premier Biomechanics and Muscle Activation training facilities in the country. Alex continues to train with MAT, RTS practitioners on a weekly basis though ongoing online symposiums. Now back home in Chattanooga, he is excited to bring this practice and training to his clients to help them accomplish their fitness goals and stabilize areas of muscular dysfunction.