Bodywork is much more than just massage, as it uses the diagnostic system of Oriental medicine to therapeutically affect the body and its disease patterns.  This results in both an energetic and structural change that will amplify the efficacy of any treatment.  Bodywork uses the same acu-points as in acupuncture, but instead of a needle the practitioner stimulates the point with his or her hands.


We use two forms of handwork, Shiatsu (Japanese) and Tuina (Korean), as well as cupping and guasha.  Cupping involves using suction to place glass cups onto the skin (typically on the back) to draw toxins out of the muscles and organs beneath.  Guasha is a myofacial release technique which involves scraping along the skin's surface with a ceramic tool. Both guasha and cupping can effectively treat muscle pain and stiffness as well as respiratory diseases like cough, asthma, and chest congestion.