"I suffered from severe neck pain for years until discovering Blake Storey at Chattanooga Holistic Medicine. After one session, I was pain-free. And with every follow-up session, I’ve been pain-free for longer periods of time. Blake is honest, fair, compassionate, and really understands how to heal the body. I highly recommend him."

Diane H.

"My MAT sessions with Alex have awakened not only some long-dormant muscles, but also a level of awareness and control over those muscle groups I hadn't realized was possible. As a long time rock climber, Alex has honed in on my weak points and has helped me improve in to a more well-rounded, stable, and balanced climber. Highly recommended!"

                                                                                                              -Brendan P.


"When I came in for treatment it was the first time I had ever received acupuncture care. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I hoped it would help with my ability to handle depression and to experience a greater quality of health. I was immediately impressed by the level of expertise and attention to detail Blake demonstrated upon my first treatment. Since then he has continued to listen to my feedback about my experience, and answer any questions with thoughtfulness and compassion. Acupuncture has enhanced my cognitive awareness, and strengthened my resilience when faced with life's challenges.  It has introduced and reinforced a new degree of balance to my lifestyle that is well worth the investment. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to inherit the modern health benefits of this ancient healing method."

- Abby C. 

"I initially started doing MAT with Alex because of irritation in my heels due to bone spurs. I was

interested to see if manipulating muscles around that area would alleviate some pain. After just one

session, I could tell a difference in the muscle tension on my heel."


"My interest in Chinese medicine was to learn more about herbs to help with my cholesterol. I had seen the benefits my animals  experienced from acupuncture and herbal treatment at CHAI (Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute). On my first visit, after a consultation with Blake, I received an acupuncture treatment. I used to feel like my legs had weights attached to them. They had felt heavy for years. They no longer feel heavy...And, I used to feel tired all the time, even when I had a good night's sleep. I no longer feel tired ...And, my circulation has improved as evidenced by the color of my skin and the fact that a sore I had and could not get rid of healed almost immediately. As a nurse for almost 40 years, I know the medical and pharmaceutical treatment regimes and wanted to try some alternative methods for myself. That was only a month and a half ago, and I am more than pleased. I will continue to do my gentle Yoga and some simple Qigong but I will also continue in my travels with Blake Storey as it has added good and invigorating energy to my life."

Mary Jo T.


"Alex found areas in my body that needed activation and strengthening in his thorough and ongoing assessment of muscle groups. Bringing attention and awareness to certain muscles made me realize how weak some muscles were and how other muscles were compensating for that weakness."


"I have had the chance to get acupuncture treatment done by Blake multiple times. Blake has always acted on a professional level and has also been great at keeping me informed on what he is doing and why he is doing it. As someone who sticks multiple needles in a patient's body, not only does he keep everything sanitary, but also has a steady hand so that most of the time I don't even notice him putting a needle in. Blake starts the session by taking notes on what's bothering you and also goes over what he will be doing that session. All in all, Blake is outstanding. He keeps it professional, keeps you informed, and makes the experience enjoyable."

- Jordan D.


"MAT has helped me understand why muscle groups act a certain way and through the training I have felt my body become more aligned and efficient. It has also helped me to understand how I can relieve pain on my heels in a non-invasive way."