Meet Our Team

Blake Storey LAc, MSOM

Hometown: Fort Mill, SC

Education: Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, CO

Bachelors of Science in Biology, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Services: Acupuncture, trigger point therapy, sports acupuncture and dry needling, Chinese medicinal herbs, pediatric medicine

Hobbies: Strength training, wild food gathering, archery, barefooting, squatting for very long periods

Favorite Quote: "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." -Lao Tzu

Carl Meadows, CHEK L1

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 

Education: Bachelors of Science in Social Sciences, Troy University

Personal Trainer, SmartFlow Certified Yoga Instructor, C.H.E.K Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach 

Services: Pilates, functional strength and mobility coaching, yoga, breath-work

Hobbies: Playing music, gardening, cooking, reading, lifting heavy things & body movin'  

Favorite Quote: "We have a need for enchantment that is as deep and devoted as our need for food and water"

-Derrick Jensen

Conor O'Day, LMT

Hometown: Ozark Country

Education: Chattanooga State Community College 

Services: Massage, Myofascial release, Gua sha, and reiki

Hobbies: Running, writing, all the sports, being outside 

Favorite Quote: "The mystic chords of memory will swell when touched again--as they surely will be--by the better angels of our nature." -Abraham Lincoln

Hometown: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Education: Chattanooga State Community College

Services: Massage, Functional Bodywork, Swedish, Trigger Point, Cupping

Favorite Quote: "No muscle, no cell, no molecule is separate from the other."

Damir Hasanbegovic, LMT

Kay Sanford

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Education: B.A Theatre, Speech & Spanish-- University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

MBA USCofA (in progress)

Bowen Theory Education Center 2009-2019

 Navigating Systems 2019

Services: NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, Family Diagram instruction, Introduction to the 8 Concepts of Bowen Theory for improved functioning.

Hobbies: Planting food forests

Favorite Quote: “If any member of an emotional system can control his emotional reactivity and accurately observe the functioning of the system and his part in it, and he can avoid counterattacking when he is provoked, and he can maintain an active relationship with the other key members without withdrawing or becoming silent, the entire system will change in a series of predictable steps.” - Dr. Murray Bowen

Nicole Loggins, MSN AGPCNP-BC

      Brooke Lollis-Hughes L.Ac.

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Education: Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, Florida College of Integrative Medicine, Orlando, FL
Services: Acupuncture, cupping
Hobbies: Strength training, hiking with family, reading, art

Hometown: Hayward, CA

Education: Vanderbilt School of Nursing

Services: Neuroptomal Neurofeedback, Vitamin-Infused IV Hydration, Basic Annual Blood Labs, N.P Treatments for Chronic & Acute Illness, Sports Physicals, Vitamin B12 Injections

Hobbies: Acupuncture, Reading, Yoga, Spending time with her children

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