Invest in Your Health

Happy 2017 everyone!

The turn of the year is historically and symbolically considered a time of reflection and new goal setting.  An opportunity to get your life back in order--to start that exercise program, eat better, sleep more, stop smoking, etc.  I am all for new year resolutions, but let’s take a serious look at the numbers.  48% of Americans make resolutions each January 1st, yet only 8% ever see them through.  So what happened to the other 40%, and more importantly, if you made resolutions, how did you avoid dropping out?


As a new business owner, I (Blake) have spent the better part of 2016 deeply immersed in the world of personal and business finance, and it has given me many insights into how resources are spent and how they mature.  I thought it would be an interesting topic to extend some of the more useful investing ideas towards how we can better invest in our health.  Here goes nothing!

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