Wellness Classes & Retreats


Hosted at: Spot Athletic Arts Venue

January 21st  // 2-4 pm

Do you feel that you have become, or on the way to becoming a fully domesticated human?

If so, this workshop is for you!

For many, many years our bodies crawled, climbed, jumped, and swam on a daily basis.

The modern human rarely moves in such a way and the results have been extremely detrimental to our health. I this class we will take time to explore moving in an intuitive, visceral way while building strength, mobility and spatial awareness.

This'll be heaps of fun! 

Reserve your spot as soon as you know your powerful bright light can be there.

Let It Go Retreat

Hosted at: Peace.Strength.Yoga

UPDATE: Event postponed due to inclement weather. Stay tuned for the new time!