Lifestyle and Exercise

Holistic medicine only makes sense when we look at the entire landscape of a patient's life.  This includes what they eat, what they do for work, play, and exercise, how they sleep, and how they deal with stress.  If a patient comes in for a one hour treatment once a week, that leaves 167 hours during the rest of the week when they are 'treating' themselves.  This points to the importance of proper diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices to begin tipping the scales in the direction of better health.


In terms of exercise, we have experience with a wide array of functional physical therapy techniques including: therapeutic yoga, strength and mobility training, muscle activation, and myofascial release (foam rolling, massage balls, etc.).  We teach our patients exercises and stretches in order to correct the imbalances that are contributing  to their symptoms.  We also provide exercise and lifestyle plans so that our patients have a road map to follow in the healing process.


We are here to support you as face the challenges of your own health concerns.  Together we will work to create a customized treatment plan that will incorporate changes in your diet and lifestyle, leading to better results over time.  Changing one's habits is never easy and always begins with the patient's desire to commit to the promise of a better future.