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 Herbal Nutrition

Chinese herbology is quite possibly the oldest form of medicine on the planet.  It is rooted in an ancient and rich tradition of  plant medicine that predates written history.  Chinese herbology uses a similar system of diagnosis as acupuncture, treating the underlying causes of disease, and is most often paired with acupuncture to make a more powerful change in the patient's body.  Herbs are combined together in formulas which vastly reduces any side-effects that could occur from individual herbs.  This is counter to how Western medicine addresses diseases, often using a single drug to treat the symptoms of a disease but at the same time producing numerous unwanted side-effects.  Chinese herbs can help correct many diseases and reduce our reliance on potent pharmaceuticals.  In fact, Chinese herbology is so effective that the scientific community has started to extensively study certain herbs to analyze their efficacy and understand how they work.  All of our herbs are produced by companies in the United States who source from the very best farms worldwide.

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