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Soulful Sundays: The Right Words

Words emerge in our minds

And from our mouths

Like water in a river.

We know the general direction of flow,

But not the specific expression.

Predictably our thoughts follow channels,

But every once in a while they bend.

To speak truthfully is a high task.

To speak the Truth is even higher.

Each of our stories is a tile

In the the mosaic of reality.

Some more showy than others,

But none less essential.

To discount Evil is to render Good impotent.

To discount Good is to make Evil acceptable.

The lights in the night sky

Are what guide us to meaning.

Without them nothing else would exist,

But the Abyss.

Finding the right words is a challenge.

Finding them when they matter is a blessing.

There is no limit on the number of sounds

Nor the sequence of combinations.

In this infinity you can speak,

But never finish the Dance.

To live life free from criticism is not living.

To live it only as a critic is equally as dead.

The right balance of unbending determination

And embarrassing humility

Will make your life a symphony,

But only to those with ears to hear it.

Breaking things down can sometimes lead to understanding.

Breaking them apart often leads to destruction.

You can pin up the body of a butterfly,

But you can't capture its flight.

To find the right words

In this world of noise

Is a gift greater than gold,

But even gold will tarnish.

Sometimes even the right words aren't enough,

And something simpler must suffice.

You are loved.

You are enough.

You were made for a purpose.

Don't give up.

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