Preventative Medicine

"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it."

- Hippocrates


It goes without saying that preventing illness is always better than recovering from it.  In the ideal word, we would all be eating exactly what we need, getting adequate rest and exercise, and dealing with our stresses before they become serious.  Additionally, we would be part of a robust community of other generous, like-minded human beings that supports us and our health.  In this world we would be resistant to diseases, especially chronic diseases, and short of some trauma or plague, wouldn't need doctors at all.  Unfortunately, this is not the world that we live in now. We are constantly bombarded with toxins, pollutants and other forms of stress which lead to damage and disharmony.   Combined with poor lifestyle choices, this disharmony lowers our body's ability to defend and heal itself.


Lucky for us, we have all the tools we need to start living better and preventing future health issues.  Our bodies have an innate ability to protect and repair themselves, all we need to do is provide the right environment and attitude.  At Chattanooga Holistic Medicine we stand by patient education as the most important medicine we can provide to our patients.

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