Stress, Anxiety and Depression Relief

Stress happens to everyone!  A little bit here and there is a healthy part of being alive, but chronic, low-level stress has been linked to countless adverse health conditions.  Chronic stress is an unfortunate result of our modern world in which we are constantly bombarded with little challenges every hour of the day.  Whether it be  work issues, family obligations, financial burdens or merely waiting in traffic, these little stresses build up over time and if we don't do a good job dealing with them, they begin to take their toll.  Stress is a catalyst for problems all other health areas including our immune system, mood, digestion, heart health, and blood pressure just to name a few.  It can take it's toll on our sleep, our productivity, and our very sense of well-being.


Anxiety and depression are linked to stress, and managing stress goes hand in hand with overcoming anxious or negative feelings.  At Chattanooga Holistic Medicine we treat both the emotional and physical needs of our patients to return them to a balanced state of mental health.  We have extensive experience in helping our patients manage there stress and working in conjunction with Western psychiatry to get the best results; however, patients with severe psychological disorders or suicidal thoughts are highly recommended to seek Western medical help before coming to see us.


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