Yoga and Qigong

Our qigong group meets every Saturday from 9:15-10:00am at our office in the Medical Towers Building (1000 E 3rd St). Join us! Sliding scale of $5-10 per meeting. 


The health benefits of Eastern physical practices like yoga and qigong (CHEE-gong) are undeniable.  They help promote a healthy body by increasing lung capacity, strengthening muscles, lubricating joints, and increasing flexibility.  Also, they help promote a peaceful mind by reducing worry and stress while improving focus and positive thought.  Yoga has grown immensely popular in the West, but you don't have to go to a fancy studio to get the benefits of the practice.  Often times our patients are plenty 'fit' in the physical sense of the word, but have difficulty dealing with mental disruptions like stress, anxiety, depression, etc.  This is where the breathing and meditation techniques of yoga and qigong can excel in providing relief.  


Yoga and qigong are highly applicable to anybody suffering from pain or muscular imbalances, as well as anyone looking to improve their overall physical performance.  We heavily emphasize the importance of breathing and meditation to relax the sympathetic nervous system and encourage the body to heal itself.