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Soulful Sundays: Face Your Fear

I have a challenge for you today.

I want you to do something this week that truly scares you. It can be physical, mental, or relational. DISCLAIMER: I am not daring you to do anything that will get you or others injured or killed.

One way to choose something of substance is to consider activities and tasks that you have been avoiding. Picture each one in your mind, and, if it gives you a "goose-bumps-like-you-are-standing-on-the-edge-of-a-tall-building" sensation, you are probably having a fear reaction to it. This is a good thing. Now you know where to begin.

The next step is...well...taking the next safe step. Let's say you are afraid of heights, then the next step is to crawl on your belly and peer over the edge. Next, you would go out and sit on the edge. Next, you would tether yourself to something and stand at the edge. Finally, you stand at the edge. This silly example is just a metaphor for greater challenges. Take one manageable step at a time.

Here is a more personable example. Let's say you are really afraid of having a serious conversation with your partner about some matter. The next safe step might be to write your thoughts down and organize them. Next, you can share them with a willing friend. Next, you can invite your partner to have a designated time to chat about ______ issue. Finally, you are having the talk that you have been afraid of having.

Obviously, some fears are going to be so deeply entrenched that a step-wise progression is going to be nearly impossible to initiate on your own. In that case, I suggest two things: 1) Build up a practice of overcoming smaller fears, which will give you momentum and a sense of empowerment for those bigger ones. 2) Seek the advice of an expert or therapist. Someone who has experience with the area you fear.

My big fear this week is making a time-budget for myself for the last few months of 2020. This will involve some drudgery, a little bit of humility, and a healthy dose of sacrifice, but I know in the end it will be for the better. I know that hard decisions lead to easier living.

What are the fears you want to overcome? How will you get there?

Good Luck Everyone!

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