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Meet Our Acupuncturists


  • Acupuncture,

  • trigger point therapy,

  • sports acupuncture  

  • dry needling,

  • Chinese medicinal herbs, pediatric medicine,

  • diabetes education,

  • nutrition


  • Acupuncture,

  • cupping,

  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

  •  Gua Sha

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  • Acupuncture

  • Sports Medicine & orthopedic acupuncture

  • Kototama Medicine

  • Chinese Herbs

  • Moxibustion

  • Cupping

  • Gua Sha

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Kaiut Yoga

  • Self-Myofascial Release

  • Kinesiotaping

What is Acupuncture?

To those who have never experienced an acupuncture treatment, the thought can be both mysterious and terrifying.  In the West we associate needles with the giant hypodermic needles used by nurses and doctors to draw our blood.  OUCH! However, the average acupuncture needle is about the diameter of a human hair and is inserted into the skin using a special guide tube.  The needle is then manipulated to the appropriate depth for the treatment.  The whole process takes just a few seconds and is virtually painless.  In fact, most patients don't even feel the needles and even become more relaxed during treatments. For those who are absolutely too afraid or squeamish to be needled, effective alternatives do exist like bodywork, guasha, and cupping.


Acupuncture works at various levels in the body, both globally and locally.  Globally, acupuncture works by re-balancing how the body uses its energy and resources.  We use specific point combinations (developed over several millennia of practice in China) to restore and support the systems that are out of balance.  For instance, if a patient has stress-induced indigestion, the acupuncture points would both alleviate stress and support the digestive function of the patient.  Locally, the needles have an effect by drawing the body's collective "attention" to the treated area causing more blood to flow to the area.  The increased blood flow promotes tissue healing and reduces inflammation.  Additionally, the needles cause tight muscles and other structures in the treated area to relax, reducing any stress and pain at the site.


There are countless styles of acupuncture in use today, each with its own specific purpose and application.  Our approach combines the global benefits of acupuncture to balance the whole patient with local treatments to address specific symptoms.  This method both addresses the nagging problems that bring patients to the the doctor in the first place while supporting the body's underlying ability to heal itself.  The result is powerful and lasting treatments.  We utilize a range of acupuncture techniques including Japanese acupuncture, sports medicine acupuncture, trigger point therapy, electro-stimulation, moxabustion and heat therapy.

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