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Soulful Sundays: Moveable Famine

There have been two falls,

Not just one.

The first was obvious.

The second is hiding in plain sight.

To be given a second chance,

Is a blessing.

To throw it away,

A tragedy.

We are the products,

Of so many blessings.

They are reflected

In our art and culture,

And in the eyes of the people around us.

You are not a mistake,

But you have made many.

Each time is an opportunity

To learn a better way.

We are not suffering

From a lack of nourishment,

But from an inability

To be nourished.

We run from revelation,

To revelation.

Failing to see that humility

Is the highest lesson,

And in our endless search we create a moveable famine.

To count all of the gifts

You have been given

Would be as hard

As counting the stars.

The rich person knows

He has enough.

The strong person knows,

When not to force.

Seek not answers,

Hope for peace.

Seek not recognition,

Pray for purpose,

And when you find it share it with everyone you can.

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