Soulful Sundays: Self-Compassion

I don't know about you, but I've been feeling considerably more self-critical this month. It is probably because of all of the changes I am undertaking in my personal and business life. This year has been all about reorganizing priorities and learning to meet new challenges--creating many breakthroughs, as well as instilling a lot of self-doubts. I want to talk in this post about shifting our emphasis to the process of reaching our goals, rather than focusing on the goals themselves. I think this shift will go a long way in allaying the inner-critic. At the end of the post please email us with any comments. Here we go. I'm guessing that the majority of you, like me, were raised in a culture of doing, achieving, and self-improving. One of the most common replies to 'how have you been' is 'I've been busy.' The popular mindset drips in this ethos. Consider the myth of the self-made woman or man, or consider the sports or entertainment phenoms whom we all emulate. The power of this myth is made manifest by our infatuation with end results, like wealth, fame, and championships, rather than the grueling process of creating them. No matter where you look, someone is doing it better, yet fortune pl