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Soulful Sundays: A Heart Meditation (by Kat Hamblin)


My hands are on my heart. My eyes are closed to the outside world. With the light from outside off, I can see within.


My hands rise and fall as I breathe, steady rhythm, my body filling and emptying.


I start to notice my inner body. The things that exist on the inside. Sometimes I feel tightness, discomfort, sensations of hot or cold. Sometimes there are places in my body I cannot travel to.


But I always start at my heart, here I can connect. My heart feels warm beneath my hands and a small fire begins to glow. I feel this at the center of my being, a small star coming closer, radiating over my chest and stomach.


I feel for a moment things I don’t always feel, like peace and joy. They drape over me like a blanket and I know I have found something profound, deep, and ancient. I have found this within myself.


There are things that I yearn for. Things I cry for. There are words, and places, and people that roll around my mind all day. There is a laundry list of things I don’t have, tasks yet to be done. There is fear that there is not enough time or worst of all, that I am not enough to hold any of these things.


But I do hold my own heart. I do feel my own inner light. I do dance in the joy of my own spirit.


And when I do connect here, nothing else is needed.


May you hold your own heart.

May you feel your inner light.

May you dance in the joy of your spirit.

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