Soulful Sundays: Family and Travel

I recently went on a trip this weekend to see my cousin get married in NC. Traveling has a way of putting many things into perspective. Seeing family even more so. It got me thinking about how I show up in the world and how fast time moves sometimes.

Consider this--by the time you reach the age of 18 you will have already spent 90% of the total time that you will ever spend with your parents. Stop and read that again. We are living in a world of high mobility. Fewer and fewer families are staying in the same cities anymore. Even before COVID, fewer and fewer families were traveling to see one another. What gives? COVID has opened a portal into answering this question. When everyone was suddenly called back into closer familial communities some very interesting things occurred. The cycle went like this for many--anxiety about the pandemic, then the comfort of family and the joy of re-connection, followed sharply by itching to resume lif