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Soulful Sundays: Hope

In the bitter cold

I turn the knob

To let the water trickle

Just enough to not freeze.

It reminds me of hope

And how little is needed

To keep us moving

Towards something better.

I think of all

Of the dreams I once had

Just long enough

To keep them alive.

I think of everything

That I did wrong

So that when life repeats

I'll be ready.

I think of every time

That I found myself

Doubting the world

Instead of enjoying it.

There are so many miracles

Right before our eyes

If we would only slow down

To see them.

Our greatest strength

And our greatest weakness

Is the ability to keep an ember

In the middle of the winter.

I once read a quote

That the best of friends

Are able to pick up

Right where they left off.

I keep the water flowing

So that my heart

Will not forget

How big it once was.

All that is needed

Is an extra moment

To tend to the fire

That began long ago.

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