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Soulful Sundays: Ideal Health Center

Last week we had a town hall seminar with our newest practitioner, Dr. Alberta. We covered many topics about healthcare in general and specifics about our clinic. Today, I want to paint a picture of my ideal health center.

You park in a shaded lot, or, better yet, you have walked/biked to your first appointment. As you approach the front entrance of the center you take in the beautiful architecture, peaceful gardens, and walking paths. You hear the sound of a group exercise class and smell the odor of something delicious in the air. You are captivated even before entering.

When you enter the building the first thing that you notice is the abundant amount of natural light. The space is open and there is much activity. You are greeted with a smile and taken on a tour of the center. You are shown the movement/training room, the source of the group class sound that you heard earlier. Next, you see the demonstration kitchen and mini-market stocked with fresh local vegetables, eggs, and meats. Down the hall is a classroom where a class about reversing type 2 diabetes is being held.

There are private rooms for massage and examinations, and there are great big rooms for acupuncture and other community treatments. People are socializing about their own health journeys and what they are learning along the way. You are led to the office where you will be meeting your practitioner, or so you think.

As it turns out there are multiple practitioners waiting for you in that office, each one with a unique set of skills they are able to use, and each interested in hearing your story. You tell them what health concerns you are facing and what you have done so far. Their questions seem a bit strange to you at first and maybe a little awkward to answer, but as they ask you to delve deeper into your responses, you begin to make the necessary connections. The practitioners reassure you that your body is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing and all that it needs to be healthier is a little extra planning.

Next, you and your team come up with that plan. They share the pros and cons of certain interventions and let you know what will be measured and influenced. You are given the exact prescription of what classes and treatments are needed for the best results. You leave your appointment with a sense of empowerment, community, and direction. Now how much is all of this going to cost? As you check out the receptionist tells you that everything is covered by your insurance. Why wouldn't it be? By coming to this health center you are actually saving them money. Amazing!

What kinds of things are you looking for in a health center? In a health practitioner? In a healthcare system? Dream big.

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