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Soulful Sundays: Words

Words have never felt so heavy

Only shapes on a page

Only sounds on the lips

Yet capable of commanding

A thousand ships

Words have the power

To free the mind

To enslave it as well

“Only if” are words heard

In our personal hell

Words will serve their master

As long as they are needed

As long as they are fed

To keep on repeating

Long after the conjurer is dead

Words tell the stories

For the hero, the lover

For the villain, the thief

As long as we have struggle

We will have a need for grief

With words comes a charge

To say only what is kind

To speak only the truth

For the lies of our own

We must carefully sleuth

Words are here to make you see

How wonderfully confusing words can be

How majestically inspiring words can sound

To whom would words matter

If no one was around?

Words carefully spoken

Are the difference between love and hate

Are the reason for all that is good

How will you use words to shape

The world as only you could?

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