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Take Control Of Your Health and Become Vibrantly Well

We've partnered with an ABPS board certified Integrative and Holistic physician to cultivate vital wellness and move beyond your dis-ease.












Bryan Johnson, MD

Dr. Johnson graduated from Mercer School of Medicine and completed his Family Medicine Residency at ETSU, Bristol.  He spent the first twelve years of his career in private practice in Hiawassee, GA where he was the founding member of a three-physician group providing full hospital, nursing home, and clinic care.

He is triple board-certified in Family Medicine, Palliative Medicine, and Integrative Medicine.  For the last 8 years, he served as the Medical Director for Erlanger Serious Illness Care, where he practiced Integrative Palliative care for the most critically ill.  He has been an active associate professor of clinical medicine at UTC since March 2014.

He is passionate about time in the outdoors with his amazing wife and two teenage sons.  He is an enthusiast for spiritual formation, inner life discovery, personal development, and physical vibrance which are the core components of true Vitality. And, he is passionate about vibrant wellness.

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