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Soulful Sundays: Change

What began as one became two,

Heaven and Earth,

Me and You,

Sadness and Mirth,

Right and Wrong,

Worst and Best,

Silence and Song,

Then from two came all the rest.

There was no stopping the unfolding,

Darkness to Light,

Resting to Growing,

Blindness to Sight,

Scarce to Rife,

Hidden to Shown,

Death to Life,

What is learned cannot be unknown.

Like fractals we all contain the whole,

Meaning of Mystery,

Body of Soul,

Rapture of Misery,

Truth of Lies,

Insight of Platitudes,

Freedom of Ties,

Like fractals we contain multitudes.

Inevitably this too shall pass,

Potential or Kinetic,

Energy or Mass,

Banal or Prophetic,

Now or Later,

Different or Same,

Creation or Creator,

The only constant is change.

Make friends with that which is beyond your control.

Invite it inside of your heart and your home.

There is room for love and there is room for vitriol,

But there is not enough room for both.

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